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The bassoon sanctuary

January 11th, 2021

The bassoon sanctuary at Double Reed Ltd.

The bassoon sanctuary at Double Reed Ltd.

For the no-longer-loved, the no-longer-needed and the no-longer-cared-for or for those which just need a mid-life lift

Just like the elephant, the bassoon is long-lived.  It accumulates memories of pieces played, owners had, places been and, for some, just like the elephant, that may include a difficult period where it is no longer wanted or needed. Or, more happily, it may just need some loving care and attention from time to time during its well-lived life, to help it on its way. 

A place for revitalisation and rejuvenation

A Bassoon Sanctuary is open to all – old and young, neglected and cherished, hardly used, and those with the accumulated marks of life.

It is a place of safety and protection where every bassoon is given another lease of life. Each one is rejuvenated and made to play (or even look) like new.

Where every need is attended to, every adjustment made and everything becomes whole again 

No matter the need or deficiency, it can be fixed. No problem is unique or insoluble. You name it, it can be rectified and improved in a Bassoon Sanctuary.

A revitalised bassoon is a thing of beauty in look and sound - for us and for its owner. Who could not love it and want it, after it has spent time in a Bassoon Sanctuary? 

Ready to go out into the wide world and bring joy to many

There must come a time when each revitalised bassoon leaves the Bassoon Sanctuary.

Set up to play as beautifully as humanly possible, it will bring many years of joy and satisfaction to all who play and hear it.

And each one brings joy and satisfaction to us, knowing that one more bassoon has been rejuvenated and given a new chance at life, to enhance the world and everyone in it. 

If you have a bassoon which would benefit from time at our Bassoon Sanctuary, or if you would like to take over ownership of one of our Bassoon Sanctuary graduates, please get in touch.