Customer care and our warranty

Our warranty is as follows (see exclusions below): 

    • New durable items (e.g. bassoons, stands, cases) are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing faults and fit for purpose for 12 months from the date of shipment. For new durable items we will provide a replacement item, repair your existing item or provide a full refund if the items are faulty. 
    • New consumable items (e.g. reeds, cork grease) are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing faults and fit for purpose when delivered and for a reasonable period thereafter up to a maximum of 12 months depending upon the item and usage.
    • Second hand instruments belonging to Double Reed Ltd. are guaranteed for one year from the date of shipment. For second hand items under warranty, we will repair the items or, if unrepairable, refund the initial cost. 

Repairs shall be carried out following standard industry practices. 

Our warranty excludes: 

  • Items which have been damaged or made faulty through anything other than normal use
  • Items which have become damaged or faulty through normal wear and tear
  • (In the case of second hand items) faults/defects which were present when sold
  • Reeds which have been unsealed and used apart from those damaged or faulty when supplied (for hygiene reasons)

Your statutory rights take precedence over our warranty terms in the event of a disparity between them. We will strive to resolve any issues to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.