Pack and send your bassoon

The packaging and shipping advice given here applies to UK residents only - international packaging and shipping may be subject to different rules, so check with your international carrier before packing.

When we send an instrument to you we use custom-made packaging. If you wish to send an instrument back to us which we sent to you, please use the same packaging in which it was sent to you and pack it in the same way.

However, if you are sending an instrument to us for the first time, it is easy to pack it for shipping by re-using cardboard packaging from elsewhere using the instructions below.

But if you don't feel confident about getting the packaging right, we are happy to post you an empty box ready prepared for your instrument, and we can book it for you as well, so all you need to do is put the bassoon in the box and stick on the label.

If you would like us to send you a shipping box for sending an instrument, click here:

Purchase shipping


Instructions for your own packaging:

1. Inside the carrying case: 

Make sure that the various joints and accessories can't move around or touch each other. Use bubble wrap, paper or cardboard as necessary to make sure that each part of the instrument is firmly held in place (shake the closed case when packed and listen for any movement). 

Put your (and/or our) name and address inside the case. 

2. Outside the carrying case:

The key point to remember is that the corners are the weakest point and therefore you need to make sure that the packaging is thickest around all eight corners. 

Either use multiple layers of bubble wrap, several thicknesses of cardboard or leftover polystyrene foam or similar leftover packaging, to provide at least 50mm (2 inches) of protection around each corner and ideally for all parts of the case.

Ensure that this protection is securely lodged inside the outer packaging so that neither it nor the instrument can move around.

For the outer packaging, use the thickest and most robust cardboard you can find. You don't need to use a ready-made cardboard box if you don't have one, just make sure that all joints are as flush as possible and covered with plenty of tape. 

Put a copy of the label inside the outer packaging just in case the outer label gets damaged.

Use plenty of packing tape to cover all the joins and also use it to wrap right round the box, to prevent the box from bursting open or tearing apart in the event of extreme treatment. 

 3. Shipping 

For shipping within the UK, we suggest you use DHL, UPS or a similar reputable company, booked through one of the online shipping suppliers such as Only use a drop-off point if you are happy with the storage arrangements that your local drop-off point can offer.  

We would not recommend using the insurance offered by these suppliers as it is too expensive. Instead, talk to your musical instrument insurer to see if you are already covered.

A Ludlow bassoon case being packed into a Double Reed Ltd. shipping box

Pack and ship your bassoon securely