Buy Back Scheme

For your peace of mind

When you buy a bassoon, you can't always be 100% sure that you or your child will persist with it.

Until now, the only alternative was to rent, which can prove very expensive.

Our Buy Back Scheme applies to most of our student bassoons and aims to give you peace of mind.  If you do need to sell your bassoon again, it will be easy and straightforward for you to do so. And you won't lose the money you would spend on rental fees.

Under this scheme, when you buy certain instruments from us, we will buy them back at up to 90% of your purchase price. You can even trade in an instrument bought under this scheme for another instrument at up to 95% of the original purchase price. 

Bassoon Returned Within:

Buy Back %:

Trade In %:

1st 3 months



4 to 6 months



7 to 9 months



10 to 12 months



Year 2



The Buy Back Scheme means that you can hand back an instrument when you choose, and it often works out cheaper than renting a bassoon. 

The Buy Back Scheme applies to UK residents only.

Here is more information about the scheme including the scheme's terms and conditions.