Nearly all bassoons suffer from at least minor tuning issues and/or some stuffiness in one register or another. Often bassoonists learn to live with these quirks and adapt to them, or manage to control them through careful selection of crook and reed. 

But sometimes these issues can become annoying or even intolerable. At this point, get in touch to see how we can help improve things for you.

Finger hole liners for a new lease of life

Worn finger holes are a common source of tuning issues for older bassoons.  Many older instruments, including Heckels, were not fitted with liners - or, if they were, the liners extend part way down only and stop short of the bore. 

Fitting finger hole liners extending into the bore can give a new lease of life to an older bassoon, and is something we carry out regularly. The picture below shows a Püchner bassoon newly fitted with silver finger hole liners by ourselves.

Puchner bassoon with new finger hole liners Servicing Refinishing Keywork Crook repair Oboe servicing

Video: Fixing the tuning on a Heckel bassoon!

We see this problem with bassoons time and time again in our workshop - the fingerholes are the heart and soul of a bassoon, and any issues with them can impact the tuning in a significant way. Watch our latest video to see what our tuning expert, Oliver Ludlow, does to fix these issues.

Watch the video: