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It's arrived! The Ludlow mini-bassoon in the key of G is here.

November 13th, 2013

A Ludlow Mini Bassoon for sale at Double Reed Ltd.

The Ludlow mini bassoon comes with every accessory

The recent development of the mini bassoon is impressive. And now the Ludlow mini bassoon is taking that revolution one step further.

The mini bassoon allows children as young as six and seven to learn the bassoon, at last putting the bassoon on an equal footing with the other woodwinds of the orchestra.

Historically, young people have had to wait until roughly the age of twelve before having their first lesson on the bassoon. For a seven year old the finger holes are unreachable, and the full-size bassoon is taller than most of them! This has resulted in the bassoon, one of the most beautiful instruments in the orchestra, being one of the rarest.

The recent development of the short-reach bassoon (a full-size bassoon with modified key work) has allowed young people to start bassoon lessons a couple of years earlier, at the age of about ten. But short-reach bassoons are still too large and unwieldy for six to nine year olds. That’s where the mini bassoon comes in.

So what’s special about the Ludlow mini bassoon? Well, it features…

  • the key of G, five notes higher than a full-size bassoon. It’s bassoon-like in sound but naturally brighter
  • almost identical key work to a full-size bassoon, making for easy progression
  • accurate intonation and tuning
  • special dense ABS plastic resin body with highly resonant acoustic properties, just like maple. Requires no maintenance; rot-proof, crack-proof and very tough
  • durable nickel silver plated keys and mechanism
  • unique high register vent key which allows the instrument to sing in the top register
  • a strong, light hard case half the size of a standard bassoon case

The Ludlow mini bassoon comes with everything you need to get started, and can be used with full-size bassoon reeds or special mini-bassoon reeds.

Is there music for the mini bassoon in the key of G?

Yes. Take a look at the specially written music at Anselma Music. Many teachers also like to transpose music for the mini bassoon so it can play in ensembles alongside full-size bassoons. More and more music is being written for mini bassoons, as their place in the bassoon curriculum is being universally recognised. In lessons though, the Ludlow mini bassoon can play standard bassoon music. It plays a fifth higher, but as long as you keep it a 'mini bassoon' lesson it works a treat, and the transition to full-size bassoon is smooth.

The mini bassoon is designed as a way into bassoon playing for children from the age of seven. 

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 Article Author: Oliver Ludlow, In-House Bassoon Specialist and Director at Double Reed Ltd.