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Wales’ COVID-19 Firebreak Lockdown and Double Reed Ltd.

October 19th, 2020

Wales’ COVID-19 Firebreak Lockdown and Double Reed Ltd.

Wales’ COVID-19 Firebreak Lockdown and Double Reed Ltd.

Wales’ COVID-19 Firebreak Lockdown and Double Reed Ltd.

The Welsh Government has announced today, 19 October, that Wales will enter a ‘firebreak’ lockdown lasting from the evening of Friday 23 October until the morning of Monday 9 November.

Non-essential retail businesses must close and everyone should work from home if possible.

Will Double Reed Ltd. still be open for business? Yes!

Emphatically, yes. Very little will change for our customers. As a primarily online business which has never served walk-in customers, we will stay open for business. Specifically, we would like to emphasise that throughout the ‘firebreak’ we will be:

  • responding to emails and phone calls during working hours as normal
  • sending out accessories and reeds as normal
  • sending out bassoons for trial under our Try Before You Buy scheme as we always have done; and
  • using our full complement of repair staff to continue working on customers’ bassoons

The only thing we won’t be able to do is receive visiting customers wishing to try bassoons by arrangement as we normally do. However, we are happy to accommodate customers uncertain of which bassoon would suit them best, by sending out more than one instrument where appropriate, and providing phone/Skype/Zoom advice and support as necessary.

We have plenty of stock of all our reeds and accessories, and currently have 18 bassoons for sale on our website, covering almost every price bracket and maker, with at least that many again awaiting servicing.

As in the previous national lockdown, we won’t be laying off any of our staff, furloughing them, or putting them on short-time working, although we will be adjusting our working regime to comply with the regulations.

If you have any questions about our service then please get in touch by email or phone.