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Our favourite bassoon videos from quarantine

April 8th, 2020

Our favourite bassoon videos from quarantine

Our favourite bassoon videos from quarantine

Our favourite bassoon videos from quarantine

National lockdowns have led to an upsurge in home-grown music videos, with bassoonists across the world creating delightful productions from the comfort of their own homes.

Here are our top five favourite bassoon videos filmed from quarantine - thank you to the content creators for making these videos available for the world to enjoy - we certainly did!


1. First up we have this delightful rendition of Luiz Bonfa's 'Black Orpheus' arranged for bassoon quartet (all played by a single bassoonist!):


2. Next we have Mathis Stier playing all three parts to Bach's 'Trio Sonata BWV 525 for Organ' on his bassoon - happy birthday to Johann Sebastian Bach from quarantine!

3. Next up we have Kris King playing 'Allegro vivace' from Dvorak's Serenade for wind, arranged for bassoon (and contrabassoon) sextet:


4. Here we have the Scottish Bassoon Ensemble's debut piece - Gabrieli (arr. Waterhouse) - Sonata pian e forte:


5. And finally we have Mark Ortwein's electric rendition of the intro to Louis Armstrong's 'West End Blues', played on the bassoon: