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Bassoon Photography Competition 2022: winner announcement!

October 17th, 2022

Bassoon Photography Competition 2022: winner announcement!

Bassoon Photography Competition 2022: winner announcement!

We are hugely excited to announce the winners of our Bassoon Photography Competition 2022!

We would like to thank everyone who submitted photos for the competition, and we are excited to announce the overall winners, children's category winners and runners-up after a period of hard decision making. 

We have had a huge number of entries for the competition, and were blown away by their quality and creativity. Bassoonists from all over the world have put a lot of time and effort into taking these beautiful photos, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share them with the wider bassoon community.

Adults' category - winners

1st place winner: 

Josue D. Piñango L. 

1st place - Josue D. Piñango L.

2nd place winner:

Pierre Bats 

2nd place - Pierre Bats

3rd place winner:

Nyketa DiCesare

3rd place - Nyketa DiCesare

Adults' category - runners-up 


Tom Bittinger 

Runner-up - Tom Bittinger


Joop Bremer 

Runner-up - Joop Bremer


Ann Blair 

Runner-up - Ann Blair


Tanya Campbell

Runner-up - Tanya Campbell


Donna Rowan Gold 

Runner-up - Donna Rowan Gold


Katharine Dexter

Runner-up - Katherine Dexter

Special mention for creativity: 

David Pryor 

This oak carving of an angel playing the bassoon was carved by David Pryor, who submitted the photo. David is a bassoonist in the UK. 

Special mention for creativity - David Pryor

Children's category - winners

1st place winner:

Ivy Draper - age 9

1st place winner - Ivy Draper (age 9)

2nd place winner: 

Lila Burman-Roy - age 9 

2nd place winner - Lila Burman-Roy (age 9)

3rd place winner:

Percy Scott - age 7 

3rd place winner - Percy Scott (age 7)

Children's category - runner-up: 

Rhona Kallow - age 12

Runner-up - Rhona Kallow (age 12)