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Christmas 2023 offer:

A free service within two years for all bassoons and mini bassoons purchased in December 2023!

Offer ends 31/12/2023. UK based customers only.

For sale, a nice used Schreiber S16 bassoon in good condition. This is a modern Schreiber S16 bassoon made in 2001. We find Schreiber bassoons to be particularly even in tone and intonation, and easy to play on with a smooth, resonant sound. 

Schreiber bassoons are well known for their strong build quality and free blowing sound. They are well built, reliable bassoons with good intonation.

This bassoon is easily suitable to get you to grade 8 and beyond.

This bassoon features:

      • A particularly nice, even and resonant sound. It has good intonation and is free blowing
      • Varnish in good condition
      • Silver-plated keywork in very good condition
      • Rubber-lined wing and small side of boot joint
      • Rubber-lined finger holes extending into the bore to protect against moisture bubbling
      • A good level of keywork including high D key, little finger rollers for fast passages, left thumb whisper key lock, two trill keys (E-F sharp and C sharp trills), RH thumb alternate G sharp, RH third finger alternate B flat, right hand little finger alternate F#, extra low C key
      • Three Schreiber crooks, 1,2 and 3 in length
      • Original case in good condition with backstops

This bassoon has received a full service and is sold here in outstanding playing condition. Pads, corks and felts replaced as necessary. All keys and the wood have been hand polished and oiled. Keywork has been adjusted and tightened, corks and felts changed for silent action, and much more, ready for its new owner in great condition.

Commission sale on behalf of a private owner.


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