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Fox 201D bassoon for sale second hand in great condition. The Fox 201D model has been tried, tested and widely loved by professional players worldwide for decades. The 201D is Fox's short bore design, which gives greater dynamic range and flexibility to the sound.

This particular instrument was made in 1986 and is of high build quality. There is a significant following for Fox professional bassoons thanks to their even, resonant sound and easy playing characteristics. This is a great soloist orchestral instrument but also versatile in other settings.

Hear this bassoon being played:

Given that the new price for a professional Fox bassoon can be up to almost £37,000, these older pro Fox bassoons are exceptional value for money (and they sound great!)

This bassoon features:

  • A lovely even sound
  • Great intonation
  • Extra flexibility with the short bore design
  • Impressive projection with a good dynamic range
  • Silver plated keywork in very good condition
  • Varnish in very good condition
  • A good level of keywork including high E and D keys, left thumb whisper key lock, extra low C key, C# trill, E-F# trill, Eb trill, alternate Bb-Ab-F# keys, five rollers including the extra roller for right hand thumb F#, high A bridge
  • Two Fox crooks
  • New Tutti Fagotti hard case with back straps

This bassoon has been meticulously overhauled by Double Reed Ltd. including full re-pad, new corks and felts, bore and key oil, professional keywork set up (including fine adjustments of spring tensions, key and pad heights for ultimate ease of playability) and much more and is sold in optimal playing and cosmetic condition.

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