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Urbach bassoon reeds have a good following amongst British bassoon players. And for good reason - they have stable and free blowing playing character, and make a warm, round tone. They are accurately made and require minimal or no adjustment out of the box.

We stock Urbach's F1, F1-2 and F2 bassoon reeds. The F1 reed is a soft reed, the F1-2 is a medium soft and the F2 is a medium.

Urbach softness ratings lean towards the harder side so an Urbach F2 in our opinion is more like what most people understand as a medium-hard. 

Traditional red binding.

All Urbach reeds we stock are the same dimensions. Total length: 56.0mm; blade length: 28.5mm; blade width: 14.5mm.

See our Reed Dimensions Comparison Chart for dimensions of all our reeds.

Jörg Urbach makes these reeds in Germany for us.

How Jörg Urbach makes them:

Traditional production and the latest CNC technology allow me to consistently meet the highest demands.

Thorough wood selection and repeated blowing guarantee a bassoon/contrabassoon reed that can be played immediately.

40 years of professional experience as a solo contrabassoonist with the Munich Philharmonic and many years of reed making experience are decisive for the quality of my mouthpieces.


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