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Rieger 2 Standard bassoon reed


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The Rieger 2 Standard bassoon reed by Rimpl is of quite a wide and flat construction. This gives it a full sound and a broad dynamic range. This shape is widely used in Germany.

The sound is a bit more mellow than the Rimpl Rieger 1a.

Purple binding with a blade tip width of 16mm and a throat diameter of 9.5mm.

Reed Hardness

This reed is available in standard and soft versions. The Rieger 2 Soft reed is made specially for Double Reed Ltd., and will benefit those who play less often as you will get less tired on softer reeds, and it is also good if you like to play with a looser embouchure. The sound is slightly quieter, but also easier to control.

The standard reed is for those who play regularly. It gives more projection, a bit more stability and a broader tone quality, but is slightly harder work to play on.

About Rimpl Reeds

Rimpl reeds are precision-made reeds produced in Germany. We have found them to be uniform in build quality and dimensions, making each reed reliable to use. They are fully finished reeds, ready to play straight out of the box. We are confident that if you try a few reeds in this range you will find some you really love. 

Rimpl's Rieger and Thunemann reeds are made by Rimpl in the style of these famous reed makers. The three Rieger shapes are some of the most commonly played reed shapes in the world.

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