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Recap - Waterhouse Bassoon Day 2024

April 23rd, 2024

The Waterhouse Bassoon Day 2024 on 21st April was a great success, with six expert talks, a baroque bassoon quartet, and lots of modern and historical bassoon demonstrations throughout. Not to mention the group play through, conducted by Liam Fleet, which consisted of around 15 bassoons and at least two contrabassoons.

A special thank you to Elisabeth Waterhouse and her family for hosting the event, as well as the speakers for the time and energy they put into preparing and delivering their talks, which was evident from the quality of the content presented.

And thank you also to all those who attended, some from the far corners of the UK, and others from overseas.

Photos from the day:


James Kopp talk: Almenrader and the Heckels, 1817-1917: A Century of Bassoon Development

Baroque bassoon quartet: Tristan Lambert, Mark Wilson, Liam Fleet, Matthew Dodd

Graham Waterhouse talk: William Waterhouse, bassoonist, musician - an appraisal through the recorded legacy, contemporary accounts and personal memories

Oliver Ludlow talk: Veriam Music Trust announcement

Mathew Dart talk: The earlier instruments in the Waterhouse Collection - their designs and their makers.

Doug Spaniol talk: “New” Works for Bassoon and Piano by Julius Weissenborn (1837-1888)

Andrew Watts talk: The Bluffer’s Guide to Baroque - Learning and Teaching Historical Instruments

Sarah Finlay talk: Lyndesay Langwill - The man behind the Index

Group play through: