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Heckel 5000 Bassoon

Beautiful late 5000 series Heckel bassoon, serial number 59xx . This bassoon is suitable for professional playing to the highest standard. This Heckel 5000 bassoon features:

  • Original oil-based Heckel varnish in good condition and beautifully aged
  • A sweet yet highly resonant sound, characteristic of the best of these older Heckel bassoons. The tone is resonant yet refined, suitable for blending effortlessly in a modern orchestra and opening up when needed
  • Very good intonation
  • A free blowing sound in all registers - unusually easy in the highest register with high D and high E coming out almost effortlessly
  • High specification key-work including high D key, left-hand thumb rollers on the C sharp and high A keys plus three rollers for right-hand little finger keys, extra low C touch, right hand thumb alternate G sharp, right hand little finger alternate F sharp, right hand third finger alternate B flat, E-F sharp and C sharp trill keys, right hand thumb whisper key lock
  • Helpful mechanics including silver-lined open finger holes on the wing and butt joints extending into the bore to reduce bubbling, new cotton on the tenons, a joint lock for long and wing joints and hand rest
Heckel basson
Heckel fagot
Heckel 5000 long joint
Heckel 5000 wing joint
Heckel 5000 butt joint 1
Heckel 5000 butt joint 2
Heckel 5000 boot joint
Heckel Biebrich Carl Fischer badge 1
Heckel Biebrich 5000 badge
Heckel 5000 Biebrich Carl Fishcer badge 2
Heckel 5000 bassoon 3
Heckel 5000 bassoon from Double Reed Ltd.
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