Sell Your Bassoon

When you no longer need your bassoon

We are passionate about finding new homes for well-loved bassoons. If you are looking for a new owner for your bassoon, please contact us

We can buy your bassoon 

We regularly buy bassoons, so if you would like a quote please email us photographs of your instrument and the serial number. Or you can bring your bassoon to us to examine. Anything you can tell us about the bassoon - its condition and history - will help in evaluating it. 

The advantage of selling your bassoon to us is that you get your money straightaway and won't have to pay for any repairs. 

We can sell your bassoon on commission 

We sell lots of bassoons on commission and would be pleased to discuss your bassoon with you. We work very hard for our commission sales clients, and do everything we can to achieve sales quickly. 

Your bassoon will be insured while in our possession and out on loan, and we take great care to ensure the safety and security of your bassoon, and will never take risks with it. To date, we have never had a commission sale bassoon lost, stolen or damaged, as we always take great care of them. 

Please give us a call or send an email to start the process. We will need you to email photographs and tell us the serial number and other relevant information. 

Once we have your bassoon in our possession we can play-test it and examine it, and give you a quote for any servicing or repairs needed. 

Have a look at our Commission Sales form for more information, and email it to us if you would like to proceed. 

We can part-exchange your bassoon  

If you would like to upgrade to an instrument which is more suitable for you, you can sell us your current instrument in part exchange. We offer competitive trade-in discounts.  

Please contact us for more information.  

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We take the hard work out of selling your bassoon