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Bassoon Cases and Accessories from Double Reed Ltd.

All the bassoon cases, stands and accessories for sale on this page have been hand picked for their quality and practicality, and are sold at highly competitive prices.

All our bassoon accessories are in stock unless otherwise indicated, and will be shipped the same or next working day depending on the time ordered.

Free UK post and packing
Prices for all our bassoon accessories include VAT plus free post and packing to a UK address.

Please ask for prices to destinations outside the UK - it is normally only a small amount extra. And you can pay by card or direct transfer.

bassoon for sale

Bassoonist Ornament
Ideal present for the keen bassoonist; 9cms high

Sold Out - More Arriving Soon - £18.50

Ludlow bassoon case, gig bag,for sale
Ludlow Bassoon Case
Tough, compact fibreglass case with straps and carrying handles. Out of stock
K&M bassoon stand for sale
K&M 150/1 Bassoon Stand
The latest bassoon stand from K&M. Black.
K&M contrabassoon stand
K&M 15045 Contrabassoon Stand
Sturdy contrabassoon stand from K&M. Black.
Stand carrying bag buy
Stand Carrying Bag
Tough bag for bassoon and contrabassoon stands.
K&M music stand buy
K&M 101 Music Stand
The K&M classic. The ideal portable music stand. Black.
Bassoon harness for sale
Bassoon harness:
Black, woven nylon harness. All sizes in stock.
Select Size
Neck strap Kolbl
Kölbl Stella Soft neck strap
Soft leather neck piece, rubber cushioned.
Bassoon seat strap
Kölbl seat strap with hook
Leather seat strap with hook

Seat strap with cup

Seat strap with cup
Leather seat strap with cup for boot cap
reed case
em Bassoon Reed Case
High quality case for 3 reeds. Natural wood case.
reed case
em Bassoon Reed Case
High quality case for 6 reeds. Natural wood case.

em contrabassoon reed case

em Contrabassoon Reed Case
High quality case for 3 contrabassoon reeds. Natural wood case.

em contrabassoon reed case

em Bassoon/Contrabassoon Reed Case
High quality case for 5 bassoon reeds and 3 contrabassoon reeds.
silk swab for sale
Hodge Silk Wing and Boot Swab
Silk swab for wing and boot joints
silk swab
Kölbl Silk Wing and Boot Swab
Silk swab for wing and boot joints.
wing swab
Kölbl Wing Swab
Microfibre swab for wing joint.
boot swab, pull through
Kölbl Boot Swab
Microfibre swab for boot joint.
Silk crook bocal swab bocal
Hodge Silk Crook Swab
Silk swab for bassoon crooks.
crook swab bocal
Kölbl Crook / Bocal Swab
Microfibre swab for bassoon crooks / bocals.
Bassoon crook brush bocal
Kölbl Snake Brush
For bassoon crooks / bocals
Bassoon cleaning cloth microfibre
Kölbl Cleaning Cloth
Microfibre cleaning cloth (blue)

hand rest

Hand Rest
For German bassoons

crook bocal case

Crook / Bocal Case
Protection for two crooks / bocals. Out of stock, more coming shortly

Bassoon accessories for sale. Double Reed Ltd. are experts in bassoon cases, bassoon stands, bassoon straps and harnesses and bassoon cleaning products; we can supply informed advice concerning any bassoon or contrabassoon accessory or supplies you wish to buy.

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