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Yamaha 812C compact bassoon for sale with an amazing sound. Yamaha have a justified reputation for making absolutely outstanding quality bassoons suitable for playing at the highest level. This is a rare opportunity to buy such a recent example Yamaha instrument, bought new in 2014 and very well cared for. It is a particularly impressive instrument, with a broad sound, wide dynamic range and highly accurate intonation.

It has some nice non-standard extras like compact long joint (fits into a tiny case), right hand thumb rollers, roller on high A vent and extra right hand C# touch key.

The 812 is Yamaha's thick walled model, producing a broader, rounder sound, extra tonal flexibility and more power when required

This bassoon features:

  • Resonant, broad sound, very responsive to the player and flexibile in tone
  • Accurate intonation and evenness of tone
  • Varnish in near perfect condition
  • Silver plating in perfect condition
  • Professional level of keywork including high D and high E keys, eight rollers, left thumb whisper key lock, extra low C key, extra G#-Bb-F# keys, two trill keys, alternate C# trill touch key and high A whisper key bridge
  • Balance hanger
  • Yamaha hard case compact model
  • Two Yamaha superbocals

This bassoon has been fully serviced by our specialist bassoon repair team and is sold in outstanding cosmetic and working order. 

Commission sale on behalf of a private vendor.

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