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A Josef Püchner bassoon for sale second hand in excellent condition. This is an instrument of outstanding quality with a distinctive elegant stripe in the varnish and a resonant singing sound. The intonation is accurate and carefully balanced, and the level of keywork is suitable for advanced playing.

Püchner have been a leading manufacturer of professional bassoons for about a century and are today still widely recognised as one of the finest makers of bassoons. Puchner bassoons are played in professional orchestras around the world.

This bassoon is suitable for playing professionally but would also complement the playing of a good amateur or advancing student thanks to its smooth and easy playing characteristics.

This bassoon has been completely overhauled including all new pads, corks and felts, professional keywork set up with new greased pivots, bore oiled multiple times, and much more. It is offered for sale in outstanding condition. 

As a leading bassoon repair and restoration specialist, we take particular care to balance the keywork for optimal playing characteristics. The result is a noticeably light touch to the keys (important for playing quickly without fatigue in the hands), and generally a quick response to the sound right down to the lowest Bb note, and up to the highest notes too. The level of detail in the preparation of our bassoons makes a significant difference to the players ability to perform with feel, in time, in tune and with maximum energy going into making music rather than fighting the instrument itself.

This bassoon features:

        • A smooth and powerful sound with strong projection coupled with warmth of tone characteristic of quality Püchner instruments
        • Carefully balanced intonation
        • Original striped varnish is elegant and in good condition, making the bassoon striking and beautiful to look at
        • Nickel plated keywork in perfect shiny condition
        • Professional keywork including high D and high E keys, left thumb crook/whisper key lock, extra low C key, two trill keys, alternate G#-F#-Bb
        • Very nice thick walled Püchner C2 crook
        • German silver finger-hole liners extending into the bore to aid against water bubbling
        • New Tutti Fagotti case
        • One Year Warranty

This bassoon also comes with a hand rest, locking pin, new silk pull through, new cork grease, and new leather neck strap.

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