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For sale, a Moosmann Model 111 semi-short reach bassoon in like-new condition, with significant keywork upgrades carried out by Moosmann prior to sale.

This bassoon is just over two years old. This is the best Moosmann 111 we've heard, with outstandingly well balanced intonation and free tone. This is a "gentleman" model bassoon with a longer bell joint and shorter long joint to fit into a compact case.

This bassoon is only a couple of years old and is in as-new condition, hardly played.

Upgraded features are added high E key, a set of right hand thumb rollers (very useful), high A whisper key bridge, larger key guard on the boot joint, and short reach keys for the left hand thumb.

The short reach keys work fantastically well - short reach bassoons of this quality don't come up for sale often. It does not have the left hand third finger short reach key that we normally see, but that could be added for a cost if needed, making this bassoon fully short reach for the left hand.

Moosmann is a renowned German bassoon maker, producing top quality instruments. The Model 111 is classed as a student bassoon in the Moosmann range, but in our opinion is a much better class to play on than most student bassoons, with very precise intonation and a broad, rich sound - it punches above its weight. This bassoon also has a lot of keywork upgrades taking it nearer to the professional category for bassoons.

This bassoon features:

    • A warm, resonant sound, easy to control and flexible
    • Accurate, well balanced intonation more like a professional bassoon
    • Silver plated key working perfect condition
    • Original varnish in perfect condition
    • An excellent level of key work including high D and high E keys, right thumb whisper key lock, eight rollers (twice the standard number for this model), alternate G# and F# keys, and an E-F# trill key, high A bridge key (non-standard upgrade on this model), upgraded larger key guard on the boot joint to stop clothes snagging on the Bb and F# keys
    • Balance hanger to take the weight off the left arm when using a sling or harness
    • Mechanism includes butt joint and wing fully lined, and lined finger holes extending into the bore
    • Well matched crook
    • As-new, lightweight, Moosmann compact hard case with back straps

Despite only being just over two years old, we have lightly serviced this bassoon, and it is offered here in fantastic playing condition.

Sold on commission on behalf of a private owner.


Delivery costs will be calculated at checkout