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Mönnig 214 Diamant Bassoon For Sale


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An outstanding-condition Mönnig 214 Diamant bassoon for sale second hand.

We are very excited to finally see and try one of these professional Mönnig bassoons. This bassoon has been developed by Mönnig over a number of years with the help of Klaus Thunemann, Sergio Azzolini, Frank Forst and others! It is one of the most innovative and interesting bassoons we have seen for a long time.

Hear this bassoon being played:


This particular bassoon has a custom machined long joint for enhanced acoustic performance (see pictures), which the owner informs us is inspired by the design of the bassoon owned by Sergio Azzolini and improves the sound.

This Diamant bassoon is in near-perfect condition and comes in the original case and with a well-matched Heckel VCD1 crook.

This is what Mönnig has to say about this bassoon:

  • professional Gentleman model (divided long joint)
  • fine balanced and focused sound
  • great dynamic with big projection
  • 26 keys 8 rollers high-D key high-E key double Eb-key
  • fitting of mechanics completely on long inline shaft screws
  • lined finger holes of Sterling silver projecting into the bore
  • high A bridge key
  • rhodium plated posts, rings and wing joint valves
  • rhodium plated mechanics
  • body of long stocked flamed Maple Wood
  • especially designed head joint based on an idea by Sergio Azzolini
  • balance hanger
  • adjustable handrest made of wood
  • fine leather case with plush lined cover

This bassoon has been fully serviced by Double Reed Ltd. and is offered for sale in outstanding condition.

Commission sale on behalf of a private owner. 


Delivery costs will be calculated at checkout