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An outstanding Leitzinger Exclusive bassoon for sale. This is a rare opportunity to buy a bassoon by one of the most up and coming bassoon makers in Europe. Leitzinger bassoons are of outstanding quality, hand-made by Stephan Leitzinger in Hösbach, Germany.

Stephan Leitzinger has meticulously considered every detail, from the careful selection of the finest wood, to the comfortable shape of each key, and finely balanced acoustics, making this instrument suitable for the most demanding performer.

This bassoon has just received a full service in our workshop and is sold in outstanding playing condition.


  • A sound which must be tried to be appreciated - amazing dynamic range, great flexibility and effortless projection
  • Outstanding intonation
  • Varnish is very good condition overall with only a few small age related surface marks
  • Silver plating in very good condition
  • A professional level of keywork including high D and high E keys, left hand thumb whisper key lock, extra low C key, high A whisper key bridge, trill keys including C# and E-F#, alternate Bb, F# and G# keys, 5 rollers including right hand F#
  • This bassoon had some adapted keywork added for short reach, installed by Leitzinger himself, but we have removed these. The adapted keys were covered second D finger hole and covered first finger B hole for right hand (sounding E and C tone holes technically speaking!). Because this is non-standard keywork we have removed the keys and springs (for safety reasons - they're sharp when no key is on) and left the posts in situ. This means they can be easily put back on if the new owner requires them. The bassoon plays as a standard bassoon currently though with no covered finger holes
  • Finger hole liners extending into the bore
  • Balance hanger to help relieve weight off the left arm, especially when standing
  • Two Leitzinger crooks/bocals 1M and 2ML
  • Leather Leitzinger/Bonna case with back straps

Leitzinger bassoons are played in many of the top orchestras around the world. Find out for yourself how good this bassoon is - speak to us about having this bassoon on trial.

Commission sale on behalf of a private seller.

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