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Kohlert French system bassoon for sale. Plays at low pitch A440Hz or A442/443Hz with a shorter reed. This a rare instrument made by Kohlert in Graslitz of high quality. It is hard to date, but was made probably somewhere between the two world wars and not earlier, owing to the more modern keywork. It is made of traditional rosewood in excellent condition.

The instrument is of the highest build quality and plays freely with power and accurate intonation. In fact, this Kohlert is one of the best sounding, easiest to play French bassoons we have come across. All notes sound clearly and resonantly, right down to bottom Bb. It is particularly forgiving with reed choice too, even playing fine with German style reeds.

It has a more modern design than many French bassoons we see, with high D, high E and high F keys, two rollers and tenon rings for extra strength. It also has the A tone hole in the more modern lower position for better intonation, with a key instead of an open hole (right hand third finger key). The whole bassoon including the wing joint is made of rosewood.

In the years coming up to the 1950s there was a mass switch from playing French system to German system bassoons in the UK. In recent years there has been a renewed interest in French system bassoons, partly thanks to the different tone colours they are able to produce compared to the German Heckel system. Often they are used for playing the music of French composers in what some feel is a more authentic way, with the 'French' sound.

This Kohlert French system bassoon has received a complete overhaul including all new pads, corks and felts, bore oil and much more. It is sold in like-new playing condition. French system bassoons are rare these days, and to see one like this in such good condition is unusual. This Kohlert bassoon has equivalent quality in sound to a very fine Buffet French bassoon.

Key features

  • A punchy, fruity French system sound, resonant and free blowing, easy to control and well in tune at A440Hz. High notes really sing as to be expected on the French system - it makes high note solos much easier than on German system bassoons
  • A good level of keywork including high D, high E and high F keys, little finger whisper key, automatic whisper key mechanism for high A, C and D vents, rollers low F to G# keys on butt joint, right hand 2nd finger C# key, right hand thumb alternate low F key, E-F# trill on wing joint, and Eb trill on wing joint
  • Rosewood body
  • French crook/bocal in good shape and a good match to the instrument

It comes with a new Tutti Fagotti gig bag with back straps, cork grease and leather neck strap.


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