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A King Symphony bassoon for sale second hand. This is a top-of-the-range Kohlert bassoon (imported by the King company and stamped with their name). It's a particularly nice instrument with loads of extras including almost a full set of right hand thumb rollers.

Hear a King Symphony bassoon being played:

King Symphony bassoons are the precursor to professional Kreul Moosmann bassoons, made in the same factory. Bernd Moosmann worked for Kohlert and eventually bought the company, using this model of Kohlert bassoon as the basis for Kreul Moosmann bassoons. This King Symphony bassoon is therefore an advanced level instrument for a great price.

This bassoon features

  • An even, warm sound and great projection
  • Very good intonation
  • Silver-plated keywork in perfect condition
  • Varnish in used condition, with dings throughout but the overall look is nice and characterful, in keeping with a used bassoon which was probably made in the 1960s or 1970s
  • Advanced level keywork including high D key, left thumb whisper key lock, right hand thumb rollers, three trill keys including E flat and the following extra keys: low C, B flat, F sharp, G sharp
  • Lined finger holes
  • Wiseman leather professional bassoon case (they cost £750 new)
  • Well-matched hand-made British Harman crook, plus new silk pull through, new cork grease, and a new leather seat strap

This bassoon has been given a full service in-house, and is offered here for sale in outstanding playing condition.

Sold on commission on behalf of a private owner.

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