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Christmas 2023 offer:

A free service within two years for all bassoons and mini bassoons purchased in December 2023!

Offer ends 31/12/2023. UK based customers only.

For sale, an immaculate Fox 680 bassoon. These bassoons are extremely rare second hand. This particular instrument has only been played half a dozen times by its owner, who bought it new in 2017.

Fox have been improving their instruments over the years, and this is the best model we have ever tried. It exhibits a large dynamic range, sweet tone and great flexibility.

Here is what Fox have to say:

A “hybrid” bore bassoon, the Fox Model 680 is designed for versatility. Created to combine the power and depth of “thick wall” bassoons with the singing, flexible, and expressive tonal characteristics of the original Fox bassoons, the Model 680 is a large instrument with a rich, powerful bass, and a singing tenor register.

This bassoon features:

  • Elegant striped varnish
  • Silver plated keywork
  • Full professional level keywork seven rollers, high D and high E keys, left hand thumb crook lock, extra low C touch key, high A whisper key bridge
  • Balance hanger
  • Lined finger holes extending into the bore
  • Hard case with back straps
  • Three crooks Fox CVC double star R2 length 1, 2 and 3

Commission sale on behalf of a private owner.


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