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Conrad Mollenhauer Bassoon For Sale


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A lovely Conrad Mollenhauer bassoon for sale. This is a superbly built pre-war bassoon with a sweet sound and completely overhauled so is now in beautiful playing condition.

This instrument has many of the characteristics of a lovely old pre-war Heckel bassoon, but for much less money, making this an outstanding buy for someone looking for a quality, head turning (see pictures!), pre-war instrument on a smaller budget.

A brief history

There is a rich history of woodwind instrument making in this particular Mollenhauer family, which began in 1822 and continues to this day. Conrad Mollenhauer was the nephew of Gustav Mollenhauer (also a bassoon maker, who still make world renowned contrabassoons and also some bassoons). The Conrad Mollenhauer firm made woodwind instruments from 1912 until 1950, which included the production of very fine bassoons, of which this is an example. The firm switched to making recorders in 1946, and are still making world leading recorders to this day.

Key features

  • Lovely sound, easy to blow in all ranges with a particularly sweet high register. A nice pre-war sound which is great for chamber music
  • Excellent intonation
  • Lightweight pre-war construction so easy to hold
  • Made from a fine piece of figured and striped maple
  • Beautiful varnish in perfect condition
  • Nice looking French style metal bell ring
  • Possibly unplated keywork but highly polished and looks great
  • A good level of keywork for a pre-war bassoon, keyed up to high C key, with whisper key lock, high G ring key, alternate F#-G#-Bb keys, C# trill key
  • keywork 'missing' (not generally factory installed at the time of manufacture) include: no high D key, no whisper key lock, no E-F# trill key, no rollers. Any and all of these can be installed by Double Reed Ltd. at a later date if required, although it works well without them
  • Unusual cork whisper key pad - can be reverted back to a standard leather pad if required, so other crooks can be used
  • Two crooks without standard elongated vent (they just have a hole in the side like French system bassoon crook)
  • Hard case
  • Hand rest

This used bassoon has been fully overhauled recently, including all new pads and much more, and is sold in great playing condition.

Commission sale on behalf of a private owner.


Delivery costs will be calculated at checkout