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An Amati ABN81 bassoon for sale in immaculate condition. This has a gentleman's cut long joint and fits into a compact case, with Amati's new acoustic design for really great playing characteristics.

In recent years, Amati have put a significant amount of effort into the acoustic design and build quality of their bassoons and contrabassoons. The results are impressive, with instruments that match Adler and Schreiber bassoons for tone, intonation and build, but still for a lower price.

The Amati ABN81 bassoon has lots of unique features which make it special. The gentleman's cut long joint is useful in allowing for a smaller case and is unlike anything else at this price point you'll find on the market. It looks impressive and stands out from the crowd.

The bassoon has an unusually good level of keywork too, including 9 rollers. If you are looking for a bassoon that sounds really great, easy to blow and warm in tone with excellent intonation, with loads of professional touches, for an unbeatable price, then you should consider this instrument.

It is a resonant sounding instrument, very well in tune and generally well balanced acoustically.

Particular features include:

  • Lovely free sound, easy in all registers, with lots of warmth to the tone
  • Great intonation. This is something Amati have clearly worked hard on recently and the results are excellent
  • Comfortable keywork in perfect silver plate
  • Varnish in near perfect condition
  • Keywork includes high D key, left thumb whisper key lock, extra low C key, three trill keys, alternate Ab/Bb/F# keys, nine rollers including four for the right hand thumb
  • Rubber-lined wing joint and small side of boot joint, plus large wooden side of boot joint partially lined to protect against wood rot
  • Lined finger holes extending into the bore to aid against bubbling
  • Gentleman's model long joint
  • Compact hard case (60x32x12 cms)
  • Up-graded with a new Adler 2 length crook
  • Part of our Buy Back Scheme
  • One Year Warranty

This bassoon has undergone a thorough service and set-up in our workshop. It comes with a new Adler crook, a hand rest, locking pin, new silk pull through, new cork grease, and new neck strap.

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