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Christmas 2023 offer:

A free service within two years for all bassoons and mini bassoons purchased in December 2023!

Offer ends 31/12/2023. UK based customers only.

An Adler 1358 bassoon for sale in great condition. The Adler 1358 model is a step up from the well-known Adler 1357 and are always popular.

This Adler 1358 has greatly upgraded keywork over and above the standard Adler 1357 model including lots of rollers (9 in total), extra trill keys.

Adler bassoons are universally loved by bassoon teachers and their students for their great sound, effortless playing characteristics and outstanding reliability.

This bassoon features:

      • A lovely free blowing sound with good projection. High notes sound easily and it has nice resonant low and middle registers
      • Accurate intonation and tuning
      • Varnish in good condition with small dings here and there
      • Silver-plated keywork in excellent condition
      • Lined finger holes
      • This 25 key model is significantly upgraded from a standard Adler bassoon, and has a high D key, extra low C touch, nine rollers, left hand thumb whisper key lock, four trill keys (E-F#, C#, Eb, Ab/Bb), extra B flat key, extra G sharp key, extra F sharp key
      • Traditional hard case in decent condition
      • Two Adler crooks

This bassoon has been serviced by us and is sold here in outstanding playing condition.

Commission sale on behalf of a private owner.


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