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An Adler 1357/120 Jubilee Model bassoon for sale in incredible condition. It was made in 2013 and appears to only have been played a handful of times. It is in mint condition, almost like-new.

Adler bassoons are universally loved by bassoon teachers and their students for their great sound, effortless playing characteristics and outstanding reliability.

The Jubilee Model has three less keys than the standard 25 key model. These keys are of less importance and their absence makes the bassoon much more affordable.

This bassoon features:

  • A lovely free blowing sound with good projection. High notes sound easily and it has a nice resonant low register
  • Accurate intonation and tuning
  • Varnish and maple wood in perfect condition
  • Silver plated keywork in perfect condition
  • Lined finger holes extending into the bore to aid against bubbling
  • This 22 key model has a high D key, extra low C touch, five rollers, left hand thumb whisper key lock, two trill keys (E-F#, C#). Keys missing are the extra Bb key for right hand little finger (rarely if ever used), right hand thumb G# key (rarely if ever used by many) and left hand third finger D-Eb trill key (rarely used). All of the important keys are present, making this bassoon incredible value for money
  • Part of our Buy Back Scheme
  • One Year Warranty

This bassoon has been serviced by Double Reed Ltd., and is sold here in outstanding playing condition.

This bassoon comes with an Adler gig bag, an Adler crook, hand rest, locking pin, new silk pull through, new cork grease, and new neck strap. 

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