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New Bassoon Crooks / Bocals for sale

We sell new Heckel, Harman and Adler bassoon crooks. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT and post and packing. Also, have a look at our secondhand bassoon crooks page.

Each bassoon crook (bocal) on this page is in stock and available to buy. Please enquire if you would like to know more about our bassoon crooks (bocals).

Heckel CC1 - In stock
Heckel CC2 - Out of Stock
Heckel CD1 - Out of Stock
Heckel CD2 - In stock

Adler no. 1 - Out of stock

Adler no. 2 - In stock
Harman SC - In stock
No. 1 crook. Light sound; good chamber crook
Harman PCD - In stock
No. 1 crook. Nice, free sound. Good all round crook.
Harman SCD - In stock
No. 1 crook. Delicate sound. In stock.
Harman CC - In stock
No. 1 crook. "Punchy", responsive sound.
Harman VCD - In stock
Harman ZC1 - In stock
No. 1 crook. Refined sound, easy blowing.

Heckel bassoon crooks: We have Heckel CC1, CC2, CD1 and CD2 crooks in stock. Each Heckel bassoon crook we supply is silver-plated, but non-silver-plated Heckel bassoon crooks (and all other bassoon crooks made by Heckel) are available to special order.

Nissen bassoon crooks: David Nissen, a professional bassoonist, has created a range of crooks using modern manufacturing techniques.

Harman bassoon crooks: these are exclusive to us, and are hand-made in the UK by an ex-professional bassoonist who was originally taught to make crooks by Jeremy Soulsby, owner of the renowned UK bassoon manufacturer Soulsby.

Adler bassoon crooks: good all round student and intermediate bassoon crooks.


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