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Bassoon Crooks (Bocals) for sale second hand from Double Reed Ltd.

Monnig 2 bassoon crook bocal
Moennig Short Reach Bend No 2 Crook.
Very good condition. Ideal crook for smaller children on short reach bassoons. Nice sound, nickel silver plated.

Soulsby 1 bassoon crook bocal
Soulsby No 1 crook. Very good condition. Unplated nickel silver professional crook. Soulsby was a well renowned British bassoon and crook maker, now retired. His crooks and bassoons are highly regarded.
Mollenhauer bassoon crook bocal
G. Mollenhauer N5 crook. Possibly pre-1945. A minute nick on the side where it has taken a very light knock.
Puchner DD1 bassoon crook bocal
Puchner DD1 crook. Professional crook. Good shape. Overall very good condition. Light scratches visible upon close inspection.

Monnig X1 bassoon crook bocal
Wilhelm Moennig X1 'Joh. Warhig' crook. Monnig's professional crook for their new line of professional bassoons. Expensive new - this is a professional crook. Very good condition with a couple of minute scratches.

The second hand bassoon crooks (or bocals) above are all for sale and available to buy now.

All our used bassoon crooks / bocals are made from German silver and are silver plated unless otherwise stated. And they are all in top condition with no dents, bends or cracks unless otherwise stated.

Also, have a look at our new bassoon crooks page.

Each bassoon crook (bocal) on this page is for sale unless it has reserved underneath the price. Please enquire if you would like to know more about our bassoon crooks (bocals).
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